What We Offer


We strive towards providing an exciting, active and educational environment for children. We offer many things you won't find at other daycares or preschools. 

What We Offer: 

Popejoy Hall Shows


During our school-year session we attend multiple shows a the Popejoy Hall each month. Our trips to the theater promote literacy, empathy and tolerance. We also learn proper theater etiquette. 

Fish Factory Swim School 


Our school attends weekly swim lessons at Fish Factory Swim School. This class gets children comfortable in the water as they work through 20 different skill levels. Through these lessons we are working on physical development, safety, learning discipline, building confidence and having fun!

Learning to swim is an important skill every child should learn. Some of the benefits from learning to swim are: 

  • Physical Development - it's a great full-body workout for children that develops coordination and muscle strength.

  • Safety -  children with formal swim training may have a decreased risk of drowning by up to 88% (source)

  • Promotes Discipline - like all sports, swimming can help promote discipline in children

  • Builds Confidence - children build confidence as they advance from one skill level to the next

  • It's Fun! - Fish Factory Swim School is an indoor facility - therefore - swimming can be a fun year-round activity! 

* Note: This class is for children attending on Fridays (3 Day or 5 Day Schedule). It is an optional class and is an additional fee.  ***Currently on Haitus***

Popejoy Hall Shows


We've been lucky enough to watch these shows in the past:

  • The Nutcracker Ballet

  • The Big Friendly Giant

  • Peking Acrobats

  • Janet's Planet

  • Charlotte's Web

  • Mariachi Christmas

  • The Okee Dokee Brothers

  • Rumplestiltskin

  • The Little Mermaid

  • Skippy Jon Jones

  • The Cat in the Hat

  • Underneath a Magical Moon

  • The Ugly Duckling

  • The Phantom Tollbooth

  • Dance Theatre of Harlem

  • The Magic Treehouse

  • Sleeping Beauty

  • Diary of a Worm, Spider and Fly



Our group attends gymnastics twice a month. This class is wonderful at promoting balance, coordination, patience, discipline, strength-building, social skills and so much more. 

The children have access to balance beams, uneven bars, trampolines and even the foam pit! The children are practicing following directions, taking turns and developing listening skills at this class. 

Gymnastics is also great for building self-confidence and learning to push boundaries in a safe environment with qualified coaches. 

Nature Exploration 


Our field trips to the Rio Grande River and the Rio Grande Nature Center provide us with numerous learning activities. We are exploring nature with our peers and learning about different seasons, animals, the changing weather and most importantly...getting in some highly physical exercise. 

The children are also developing:

  1. Large Motor Skills - The children are climbing, jumping, running, hopping and balancing during our nature hikes/walks

  2. Language Skills - While they work on collaborating and playing with multi-aged peers

  3. Cognitive Skills - There is never a shortage of questions to be asked!

  4. Early Math Skills - Counting bugs, adding up sticks they've collected, measuring how far they can jump....the possibilities are endless!

We go out for nature hikes multiple times a month and our goal is to encourage children to experience all that nature has to offer. 


Small Group Size


Our enrollment is capped at no more than 12 students at one time. This ratio allows us to give individualized attention to each child enrolled in our program. The small group size encourages more communication and a closer bond between student and teacher.

We also have a multi-aged group that we believe is beneficial for children. They have friends to look up to for guidance and friends who are looking up to them for help. Our children learn to respect and love their friends. We find that close friendships form because of the environment we provide.


Also, because our ratios are small, we find our children are never overstimulated. They have the environment and space to learn and develop without the distractions of a larger center-based classroom. 

Parent's Night Out


We offer Parent's Night Out once per month on Friday evenings from  4:30pm - 9:00pm. We enjoy being able to offer a fun, familiar place for children to stay while parents get some kid-free time to go out to dinner, get some shopping done, go to the movies or even just to clean the house! 

We plan exciting things for Parent's Night Out and they differ each month. We've been swimming at West Mesa Aquatic Center, bowling at Silva Lanes, out to dinner at Dion's, painting at Art Attack and to the movie theaters.  

We change into pajamas at 8:00pm and lay down for storytime or a movie until pick-up at 9:00pm. The cost for PNO is $20.00/per child.

Field Trip Transportation


We own a mini school bus that we use for transportation of all field trips and activities. Our bus is equipped with 2 brands of car seats: Evenflo Chase LX's for children under 40lbs and Graco Transitions for children over 40lbs. Both car seats are 5-point harnessed boosters. 

We have rules on our bus that the children learn and are expected to follow. We allow - and encourage - the children to buckle themselves in and will make our rounds afterwards to ensure the buckles are clicked in and that the chest clip is in the correct placement. 

Our bus is inspected 2 times per year and is always equipped with: a stocked first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, blankets, wipes, Kleenex, extra clothing, water and snacks. 

Year-Round Program


We operate a year-round preschool program. Our School Year Program runs from September - May and our Summer Program runs June - August. 

In our Summer Program we have field trips every day. They range from splash parks and swimming pools, trips to the movies, Tingley Beach, the zoo & aquarium, Cliff's Amusement Park, Water Mania, visits to Galloping Grace Youth Ranch and much more! 

At the end of August we have a Goodbye Summer Party with a water slide, a visit from a face-painter and plenty of games, yummy snacks and treats. 

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